I generally offer two basic types of albums: a box of matted prints, or a high-quality bound book with stiff,  lay-flat pages. This is to keep things simple, but am also happy to do what I can to accommodate special requests.

Seldex Portfolio Box. Available with either 18 or 25 matted prints inside. You can keep them all in the clamshell box for a classy, unique album, or pop some into frames and hang them on the wall. There's a range of options for these, though I do tend to like the classic linen cover. These range in price from $700-$800.

Finao One.  There is a mind-boggling array of cover materials, but it's easy to do classic and simple as well. I have priced out 4 sizes x 3 different page counts in my price chart, but of course, if you want a different page-count or dimensions or an unusual cover material I'm happy to give you a custom quote.  My standard sizes and page-counts range in price from $700-$1200.


Some FAQ's:

How many images should I pick and how many pages do I then need?  If you want a magazine-style layout (multiple images per page as in some of my examples), you can figure on an average of 2 images per page (some pages will have only one image, some multiple). So, it's good to pick your album images first and then the page-count reveals itself. With the "magazine-style" layout, then if you choose 100 images, for example, you will want a 50-side album. Another option would be if you want one image per page (either full-bleed or with white space -- both lovely options that highlight each image individually) then, again, the page count becomes clear once you choose your album selects.

What about companion albums?  Yes! You can get mini-duplicates of your album if you order the book style (Finao One). There is a minimum of 2 (it's really 3, but I'm happy to buy the third as a sample if you can't use it) and they cost $150 each.

Can I choose the images? Yes! Most of my clients choose their own images. You can just mark them as favorites on your gallery page and I can get them from there.

Can you choose the images for me?  Of course! Keep in mind that I will choose based on creating a narrative of the day, with a heavy bias toward images that I feel are artistically exceptional. I won't know who your favorite uncle is, though.

Can we choose images collaboratively? Sure!

Can I get a cheaper album?  You can design and order one yourself using your hi-rez files from Blurb, or Milkbooks, or the like, and I am happy to give you advice. If you want me to do it for you, I would charge $500 over cost to cover my design time, using a printer I trust. But for the albums I'm offering above, you have to get those through a professional photographer.

For more detailed prices, please see my album price chart here. If you want to include album credit as part of your wedding package, you will receive a 20% discount on it.